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Bozeman Vegetable Garden Supplies

Oak Gardens Nursery, Bozeman / Belgrade, MT offers anything you need for your vegetable garden in Bozeman and Belgrade. Our full-service Garden Center rounds out your garden and landscaping needs with essentials: including tools and gloves, organic compost and potting soils, organic and non-organic fertilizers and insecticides, pesticides, gardening shoes, and much more.

We want your garden to thrive – and the soil and products you use will make all the difference. The soil that you use in your garden matters. You can buy the healthiest and most beautiful plants in the world, but if you plant them in soil that’s not suitable for the project—your plants won’t thrive, and we want your plants to thrive! Our Bozeman Nursery offers the highest quality soils, fertilizers & products to ensure your plants survive.

Our Bozeman Nursery will supply you and your family with seeds and vegetable starts so you can harvest your own produce. Stop by and check out our large selection of organic vegetables in the Gallatin Valley, including: veggie starts, tomato plants & more! Whether you are giving a gift to a friend, planting a tree, fertilizing a lawn, planting a vegetable garden, or planting flowers, you’ll find what you need at Oak Gardens… Not your ordinary garden center!


New to gardening in Bozeman or simply looking for some help?


We know it can be daunting to start your new garden – but it can also be very exciting, and the good news is the experts at Oak Gardens are here to help you along the way of your new gardening journey. Our staff of friendly, knowledgeable salespeople will make sure you find everything you need to meet your gardening needs – and we are available for hire if you’d like us to come out and help with the planning, too.

Get started today! There are many vegetables that you can start growing right away so you’ll be able to enjoy them on your dinner table this summer! You could start with easy-to-grow vegetables, like: lettuce, spinach & carrots – these vegetables are great for garden beginners & seasoned experts alike!


Get started today – We’re here to help!

We are located only 10 minutes from Bozeman & Belgrade at 4275 Nelson Road, Belgrade MT

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